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Dear Loyal Customers and Friends,

With heavy hearts and fond memories, we regret to bring you the news that NitaNita is closing its doors after 9 years in business. Our last day of service will be on Saturday, December 5th.

It has been an amazing run for our little joint, and it’s all because of the support of our loyal patrons and badass friends like you. Some of you have been coming by since the very beginning back in 2006. We’ve seen so many changes in the neighborhood since then, but through it all we strived to be a friendly, low-key spot serving up stiff drinks and great eats.

But with our lease almost up and a threefold increase coming up on our rent, staying open is just not an option. By now this story has become all too familiar. So we encourage you all to keep supporting local, small businesses that contribute so much to the fabric of the community.

NitaNita will be open for business as usual up to our very last day, December 5th, when we’ll have a big send-off party. And know that we’re already plotting to rise again — somewhere in Brooklyn, someday in the not-so-distant future.

With love and gratitude, Sam and Virginia

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